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THe Attendant

The Attendant started making records in the strange days of March 2020: empty city streets and silent threats; it seemed like the right time for me to start working on the best way to frame the poems I’d been writing for what seems like forever. The long, productive days made the writing more focused and intense, with the curious, unexpected space outside somehow allowing out words that had been held inside for a very long time.

It began with drum machine and guitars – off grid recording – then I contacted long-time collaborator/drummer/producer Ian Button for help and The Attendant became ‘a thing’. We continued writing and exchanging ideas throughout the spring and summer: recording, re-recording, improvising words and music until the tracks were done.

The Attendant will be released six tracks on a series of three lathe cut 45s in 2020. These are now available on AUDIT a 10″ on Faux Lux